Thursday, March 08, 2007

On Immigration

"The Immigration Pimps' Poem"

Let us celebrate the immigrants,
Let us hawk them door to door.
There's a market for their culture,
Votes and glory and money to gain.
Let us celebrate the immigrants.
Their ills, their sins, their faulty diction
Flavour our songs, our movies and spice our fiction.
Let us celebrate the immigrants.
Let us woo them, screw them and jail them
And make money when we bail them!
Let us celebrate the immigrants.
Their hopes, their struggles, agonies and successes
Get us grants and consulting fees.
Celebrate their stereotypes and what holds them down,
In our academic gowns
As we celebrate and toast our government grants
At our annual conference pontificating our research rants!

Adaptation from "The Poverty Pimps' Poem" at


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